How to measure for your suit!


Our Current Delivery Time is 6-8 Weeks!

Flite Suit Company opened for business in 1978.
Since that time, it has produced over 30,000 
skydiving jumpsuits.  We have established a reputation for quality suits and dependable delivery. Flite Suit was 
purchased by Ray Ferrell in January of 1996. We 
worked closely with Wendy Neustrup to continue the 
tradition of quality products and quick service that 
the company had experienced under her ownership. 
We worked extensively with the previous owner to ensure the same high quality suits that customers had come to expect. 

Furthermore, we have worked hard to keep up with
the changing demands of today's skydivers to
ensure that Flite Suit Company products are the best 
in the market place. Finally, since the company has 
moved to SkyDance SkyDiving, we have had new
energy and input in designing and producing jumpsuits to meet the needs of today's skydivers. Whether you are in need of an RW, Freefly, Camera Suit, or a new pair of swoop shorts, we will have you looking great doing what you love. Building a better skydiving jumpsuit since 1978!